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I have been searching for a natural way to balance hormones for those with andro/menopause. I am so excited about what I have seen in the lab results with this product. They have exceeded my expectations and performance of anything natural or synthetic I have ever used in my practice. I am a believer in this product and it has become a major part of my clinic.

Dr. Maturo // Arizona


I have been implementing this product in my facility as a safe natural alternative to HGH. I have been getting tremendous feed back from my patients and with myself. These results are superior to any HGH therapy I have ever tested. It is a part of mine and all my patients regiment.

Dr. Cabrera // Genesis Health Institute, Miami, FL


I’ve been taking VAE 1500 for two months. The results are amazing. In the first four weeks, I felt a lot of energy and mental clarity. This stuff works and is awesome! I can’t believe the consistent improvements from taking VAE 1500.

Vladae // Arizona


I have been using the Deer Antler Velvet by BioProtein Tech for a little over a year now. I compete as an amateur “weightlifter” in the USAWL Masters Association, have been for the past (4) years and have had quite a bit of success. However last year in the National Championship Event, I tore and pulled loose the “labrum tendon” in which encircles my rotator cuff. Surgery was performed on July 6, 2011. I went through physical therapy, which was too passive.

So I doubled my dosage, by using VAE 1500 twice a day, this proved to be very beneficial because it allowed me to be more aggressive with my recovery therapy and allowed me to start “pulling heavy weights” much earlier (September) than anyone (my doctor and lifting partners) expected! In January 2012 I was pushing weigh above my head.

In the previous years my workout was 3-4 times a week at 1-1/2 hours, now after using the product I can workout 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours at a time and 4-5 times a week and no fatigue that lasts very long.

I’m totally convinced that this product put me back in shape to compete, plus vastly improved my endurance for training. As time progresses I will continue to use this product and will encourage others to do the same. As a bonus it has increased my sex life beyond my expectations!!!!!

I am 65 years old and feel like I have stepped back in time with my strength and endurance.

Martin Bolick // North Carolina


I have been using the Sub L 1500 and B complex since June 20th 2012, and have noticed a significant increase in my energy levels and also my recovery time. As a current competitor in Crossfit and also an NCAA athlete the benefits and results are second to none. Since on the product I have been able to reach and surpass all my goals this summer in the weight room. My body weight has not changed but my BMI has dropped by 4% bringing me to 8% body fat. I’m very excited to see where I will be in the months to come. Thank you for supplying a quality product.

Rich Hill // Framingham State University, MA


I have more energy, an increase in muscle mass and a general feeling of wellbeing. In the beginning I thought VAE was snake oil, but I tried VAE just to see, I was very surprised!

Thanks, P.S. I’m 75 years old and feel 45!

Bob Self // New Braunfels, TX


I am writing to you today on behalf of my father and the amazing results he has experienced since incorporating your VAE product into his workout regimen. Not only did he begin to see progress within the first two weeks of usage, but more importantly, he has gained an increased quality of life. Some year ago, he was at 450 pounds, obesity grade III, asthmatic, a long-time sufferer of sleep apnea, and above all that, was diagnosed with having all the clinical signs that are indicative of developing diabetes. Upon beginning to make slight modifications through diet and exercise, he was able to lose weight, but yet was still having issues with his insulin resistance. Upon being introduced to the VAE product, the results were dramatic. Not only was there a major, positive difference in his body mass to fat ratio, but he has not been able to stop gushing to any and all of the people he encounters of the vast improvements he has felt in his bodily functioning, particularly and more importantly, in his blood glucose levels that have normalized since his weight loss. In regaining this control, he will no longer be dependent or be plagued by all of the complications that diabetes inevitably brings about. He sleeps more soundly, has higher levels of energy, and is eternally grateful to the youthful feeling that he has on behalf of your product. On behalf of both of us, our families, and especially his grandchildren, thank you.

Ilwwna Garcia // Edinburg, TX


I’ve been using both the Derma T topical and Sub L oral formulas for about three months and now I can’t imagine going without it. I work out every day and sometimes twice a day and ride my bike about 150 miles a week. I’ve noticed a vast improvement in my energy levels throughout the day and no longer take naps after dinner. I think the Sub L formula really gave me the edge I needed to lose the last few pounds I’d been trying to get rid of. I use the topical formula on my neck and back after long bike rides and still cannot believe how quickly it works in getting rid of the extreme stiffness and soreness. Thanks Bio Protein Technology for a great product.

George Duncan // Marlboro, NJ


I want to thank BioProtein and its staff for introducing the velvet antler products to me. I have been on them for about 3 months now and cannot believe the difference. I was about 20lbs over weight originally but not a whole lot of time to get in the gym. I had sleep issues as well as a very low endurance rate when I was able to get out for a run. From taking the VAE I have been able to lose weight, I sleep much better and I find that when I am able to get out for a run I am able to go longer and faster with much less rest. Better than all of that is the fact that VAE has allowed me to feel good again, from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed I find myself in a good mood and energized. Thanks again for the VAE!

Karl Roelofs // Tampa, FL


I have been using the Derma Tropin since Sunday and I love it. I had a small patch of really rough skin under my chin that has been there for a few years. It is now gone after only a few days. It’s a miracle. Also, Paul had given me a sample of the L Tropin to try and I feel already like I am breathing better and sleeping like a log. Again, only after a few days. Thanks to you both! I am very optimistic.

Kristi Jaques Fallk// South Carolina

Testimonials 1 to 10 of 19