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BioPro+ D3-K2

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A concentrated vitamin formula for a healthy immune system, better cognitive function, and muscle and bone strength.

This vitamin complex combines two fat soluble vitamins with peppermint oil and organic olive oil to optimize nutrient delivery and absorption and provide a refreshing taste. Vitamin D plays a vital role in bone strength, immunity, fighting inflammation, and supporting the strength and quality of muscles. Vitamin K is also important for bone health and heart health. Both vitamins D and K play crucial roles in the proper absorption and utilization of calcium in the body. With over half of the population insufficient or deficient in Vitamin D, this formula is a must for anyone looking to support overall health.

How to Use
Why BioPro+?

BioPro+ is built different

BioPro+ is the first of it’s kind, 100% non-synthetic Growth Factor formula that is genetically activated to increase absorption rates and get to work FASTER, EASIER, and SAFER.

Growth Factors are the end results of HGH Growth Hormone after it’s metabolized by the liver and sent out into the blood stream. Since BioPro+ is 100% non-synthetic it works without causing any of the negative side effects of the typical synthetic Rx hormone treatment.

Approved Providers Only
No Needles
No Side-Effects
100% Safe
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What's in BioPro+?

What it's for
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) I & II
Muscle Building, Metabolism & Libido*
Erythropoietin (EPO)
Performance, Blood, Nutrient Delivery
Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP's)
Bone Density, Strength, Osteoporosis*
Epidermal growth factor (EGF)
Wound, Wrinkle and Tissue Healing*
Fibroblast growth factor (FGF)
Collagen Production and Wrinkles*
Growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF9)
Differentiation Stem Cells*
Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and other neurotrophins
Cognition, Mood, Nerve Regeneration*
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)
Skin and Wound Repair, Blood Vessel Repair*
Transforming growth factors (Alpha & Beta)
Anti-Inflammatory, helps with osteoporosis*
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Blood Oxygen and Circulation*
Immune system and Inflammation*
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Real People. Real Results.

I thoroughly enjoy this product. The biopro cortisleep is awesome helps me easily fall asleep and sleep soundly through the night. When I wake in the morning I feel refreshed and ready to start my day. Will worn you doesn't taste the best it basically tastes like medicine, but gets the job done.

I've been taking biopro+ for about 7 months paired with the cortisleep. I work full time construction and train Jiuditsu in the evenings. This product has made my recovery amazing and my sleep so much better. I feel the boosted energy throughout the day. It makes me feel like I'm adding that extra little something to help maximize and optimize my natural testosterone. I feel great and would absolutely recommend it!

My sleep has improved DRASTICALLY. I haven't slept this well in over a decade. My mental clarity and cognitive function are on another level. I am recovering quicker and feeling fresher than I ever have. I feel ten years younger. I recovered from my latest back procedure faster than any other procedure. My skin is clearer and looks younger. My hair is thicker and growing faster.

I started feeling the effects IMMEDIATELY. Literally the first night of taking the sleep aid I had the most vivid dreams. It was like a movie and I can still remember the dreams. I slept harder than I had in a decade. My whoop continues to tell me that my REM sleep and overall sleep performance are improving.

BioPro+ has been the most game changing product that I have added to my tool belt in ten years.

I've been on BioPro+ For just about 5 months now and the benefits have been amazing. My first month I noticed I was having much better sleep and therefore better energy through the day. Leading into my second month I saw that my recovery was a lot quicker then usual and I had more energy to push through harder workouts and trains..Just about my third month I started to notice all my aches and pains from previous injuries were definitely subsiding and I was feeling great.. I definitely would recommend BioPro to anyone looking for an extra boost to there daily performance weather it's weight lifting, martial arts, cross country, and just for the everyday human that is looking to better themselves.. I am an everyday athlete so I notice what it does for me in my "world" but there are far more benefits for to taking BioPro even if you are not an athlete in anyway. Go check them out for yourself, do your research and give it a try! It is definitely a game changer and a moral booster!!

It's does everything it says it does, I started noticing results after the first week. Energy, better sleep, body comp.

Excellent product. My quality sleep and recovery are defenitly better. I also noticed an increase of stamina during my bjj training

Been taking this for about a year now and while it isn't instant magic it has helped a whole bunch of annoying ailments such as knee pain, back pain. It has helped recovery from workouts and martial arts as well. I really noticed the absence of it when I forgot to place my order in time and went a couple weeks without it!

This has to be the absolute best supplement I have ever taken. I was skeptical at first until the first week I tried it. I'm 50!years old and keep relatively fit but was lacking a bit aid strength and energy. I work out regularly and ski instruct during the winter and bio pro has changed the way I work out, recover and how I feel during the day. I have so much energy and strength that I feel 25 again. My mental clarity and concentration is through the roof. It's absolutely amazing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BioPro+?

BioPro+ is a bio-enhanced matrix of natural powerful compounds that bring balance to the body, and results often include improved body composition, fat loss, libido, sleep, and increased performance, energy, mood and vitality.

Can Women take BioPro+?

Yes. The science behind growth hormone and its end result, growth factors, is NOT sex dominant. The benefits are for both men AND women.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Anecdotally, users overwhelmingly report FEELING the results in the first 10-14 days, ie ENERGY, FOCUS, COGNTION etc.

  • Physiological changes are reported to have been SEEN 4 – 6 weeks
  • Blood panels are typically done 1 – 3 months.

Many BioPro+ users report libido effects and physical sexual function changes within the first week

Is this like a peptide?

When it comes to the end goal of a “peptide” (growth hormone secretagogue) yes. The desired outcome and benefits are similar. The main difference is that “peptides” are used to synthetically manipulate and stimulate production of growth hormone. That growth hormone still has to be converted into growth factors (cellular signals causing the actual beneficial change) by the liver to then be sent out into the body. That’s where BioPro+ comes in. BioPro+ is simply a non-synthetic formula of those growth factors (cell signals) to trigger the benefits you are looking for without negatively impacting your body’s natural hormonal system.

What makes the BioPro+ different than other similar products?

BioPro+ is 100% non-synthetic and doesn’t negatively impact your existing physiology. Generally speaking, the most popular type of these products fall into the synthetic drug category. They are typically administered through invasive protocols, like injections, and routinely are accompanied by a list of negative side effects, including but not limited to: suppression of your natural hormonal function (negative feedback loop), long term implications related to fertility, potential cardiac issues, and drug dependency to maintain normal bodily functions.

What can I do to maximize my BioPro+ results?

The key to BioPro+ is consistent DAILY USE. For best results use immediately upon waking. Patients who incorporate BioPro+ as part of their normal morning or evening (CortiSleep PM ONLY) routine have historically shown exceptional results.

The tingling under my tongue is intense is that normal?

Yes, its totally normal, in fact that’s part of what makes the product so powerful!

We utilize organic grape alcohol to aid in the delivery of nutrients found in BioPro+. The intense tingling tells you BioPro+ is working by stimulating receptors, allowing nutrients to pass into the blood stream with optimal efficiency.

Do you have to “cycle” BioPro+?

Natural hormone production is not suppressed with BioPro+. Therefore there is no requirement to “cycle” BioPro+.

Do I need to keep BioPro+ in the fridge?

BioPro+ is stable at room temp for up to 2 years from manufacture date.

Can I take BioPro+ with TRT/HRT?

Absolutely, in fact many BioPro+ providing physicians have reported blood panels showing improved results and absorption rates with patients on TRT and HRT.

Can I take other medications with BioPro+?

All BioPro+ Products are natural dietary supplements. If you are currently taking medication, please consult with your health care practitioner before taking any dietary supplements.

How long can you take BioPro+?

You can take BioPro+ as long as you like, length of use is dependent on the individual and their specific goals.

Can I take too much?

Actually no, you cannot take too much. Our BioPro+ products are comprised mainly of proteins, so whatever your body is not absorbing will be broken down and excreted, but will not cause adverse reactions. With products that contain herbs and vitamins it is recommended to first assess tolerance and adhere to the Suggested Use printed on the label. Mega Dosing (3 or more servings per day) of vitamins, amino acids, herbs, and other compounds can sometimes cause adverse effects.

How do I take BioPro+?

Follow the Suggested Use on the product box and label. Wait 15 minutes before or after consuming any food or liquid. Our Products are most effective when taken on an empty stomach.

  • BioPro+ (AM Formula, to be taken first thing in the morning upon waking.
  • CortiSleep PM (PM Formula, to be taken 30 minutes prior to bed)

Make sure to “Check In” each dose every day!

Do I have to have a prescription for BioPro+?

Technically no. BioPro+ is available right here on our website and ships directly to your door. Typically within just a few days.

However, we do have a long list of physicians internationally who provide BioPro+ in their clinics directly to their patients. If you would like to be referred to one of those physicians please message us directly at or call our offices at 1800.280.2456

Will I experience detoxifying symptoms? What if this happens?

Depending on the individuals health prior to taking our formulas, some may experience detoxifying symptoms. These symptoms may include headache, rash, sleeplessness, and irritability. If these symptoms occur, they will likely subside in a matter of days. If they do not, stop taking the product(s).

Is BioPro+ available internationally?

You can order directly on our website or you can visit one of our providing physicians internationally depending on their location. Shipments to Europe, Asia, and Australia take around 4-6 business days. Depending on location.

What if I am taking multiple BioProtein Technology and BioPro+ Products that are both supposed to be taken in the morning?

Perfect! Just take one product as directed, swallow and then do the second right after and you’re all set!

How does BioProPM actually work?

BioProPM starts working the very FIRST night you use it and EVERY night after.

70 – 90% of the hormones responsible for your METABOLISM, PERFORMANCE, & RECOVERY are produced during two sleep cycles, SWS – Slow Wave Sleep and REM – Rapid Eye Movement Sleep.

If you are waking up more that twice a night chances are you’re not optimal and already at a disadvantage.

BioProPM’s anti-catabolic formula helps you get into REM/SWS sleep cycles FASTER and stay in them LONGER so you can MAXIMIZE your recovery capabilities while improving metabolic and anabolic bodily functions.

Approved Providers Only
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Increased body fat
Reduced exercise performance
Lack of energy, drive & focus
Chronic pain, inflammation & fatigue
Reduced sex drive & function
Insulin resistance
BioPro+ aims to address these problems without the negative side effects associated with synthetic hormone treatments. It features a range of growth factors like IGF, EPO, BMPs, and others that offer various health benefits. BioPro+ is needle-free, side-effect-free, and considered 100% safe.

BioProPM works FASTER, is EASIER to use, and 100% SAFE.

Step 1. Take 30 minutes before bedtime.
Step 2. Take under your tongue.
Step 3. Hold for 90 second then swallow
Step 4. Go to sleep!
Inside the box

What's in BioPro+PM?


Real People. Real Results.

"Huge difference in the first week"
With BioProPM I'm getting deeper sleep. It's easier for me to wake up and I immediately feel clear minded. I could notice a huge difference within the first week and it's gotten better and better with time.
"I feel it working within 30 minutes"
With BioProPM I just get better sleep and I get to sleep faster. That's always been my issues. I think too much before sleep and BioProPM shuts it down. I can feel it start working within 30 to 45 minutes of my first use.
"An absolute GAME CHANGER"
This is the only product I hve ever used that's helped me sleep. I have used teas, melatonin, thc, cbd, I have tried absolutely everything and this is the ONLY thing that's ever worked for me. This is the ONLY product that's helped me sleep and more importantly, through the hight. BioProPM is an absolute game change.
"Works super fast"
The biggest difference I noticed after taking BioProPM was how I felt in the morning. I have neverstruggled with falling asleep and staying asleep but after 4-5 days taking BioProPM I noticed that I wake up feeling much fresher and less groggy.

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