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Change how you LOOK, PERFORM, & FEEL overnight.

BioProPM is a revolutionary sleep aid designed to promote deep sleep patterns and reduce stress. This non-synthetic, non-habit forming formula ensures you get the restorative rest needed for optimal health and vitality.







What is BioProPm

Don't let something as simple as sleep hold you back

Did you know?
68% of athletes suffer from poor sleep quality

Here’s what poor and inadequate sleep looks like:

Increased body fat, abdominal & visceral
Poor workout recovery & muscle tissue soreness
Reduced exercise performance
Lack of energy, mental clarity, & focus
Depression, stress, anxiety, & mood
Hormonal decline & endocrine disruption (Low T)
Reduced sex drive and function
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Why Choose BioPro+PM?

Deep Sleep

Promotes restorative sleep patterns for overall wellness.

Stress Relief

Lowers cortisol to reduce stress and improve tranquility.

Fat Loss

Aids in promoting healthy fat loss during sleep.

Quick Recovery

Accelerates recovery for a stronger, healthier body.

Energized Days

Boosts daytime energy for peak performance.

HGH Boost

Increases HGH secretion, vital for rejuvenation.

How does BioProPM actually work?

BioProPM starts working the very FIRST night you use it and EVERY night after.

70 – 90% of the hormones responsible for your METABOLISM, PERFORMANCE, & RECOVERY are produced during two sleep cycles, SWS – Slow Wave Sleep and REM – Rapid Eye Movement Sleep.

If you are waking up more that twice a night chances are you’re not optimal and already at a disadvantage.

BioProPM’s anti-catabolic formula helps you get into REM/SWS sleep cycles FASTER and stay in them LONGER so you can MAXIMIZE your recovery capabilities while improving metabolic and anabolic bodily functions.

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What's the Difference?

The difference is clear


Traditional Sleeping Pills

Restorative Sleep
Non-Habit Forming
No Doctor Visit
Good For You


Works first night you take it
Trackable Results on Sleep Apps/Wearables
Actually worth the $$$
Pre-dosed easy to use

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Increased body fat
Reduced exercise performance
Lack of energy, drive & focus
Chronic pain, inflammation & fatigue
Reduced sex drive & function
Insulin resistance
BioPro+ aims to address these problems without the negative side effects associated with synthetic hormone treatments. It features a range of growth factors like IGF, EPO, BMPs, and others that offer various health benefits. BioPro+ is needle-free, side-effect-free, and considered 100% safe.

BioProPM works FASTER, is EASIER to use, and 100% SAFE.

Step 1. Take 30 minutes before bedtime.
Step 2. Take under your tongue.
Step 3. Hold for 90 second then swallow
Step 4. Go to sleep!

Real People. Real Results.

"Huge difference in the first week"
With BioProPM I'm getting deeper sleep. It's easier for me to wake up and I immediately feel clear minded. I could notice a huge difference within the first week and it's gotten better and better with time.
"I feel it working within 30 minutes"
With BioProPM I just get better sleep and I get to sleep faster. That's always been my issues. I think too much before sleep and BioProPM shuts it down. I can feel it start working within 30 to 45 minutes of my first use.
"An absolute GAME CHANGER"
This is the only product I hve ever used that's helped me sleep. I have used teas, melatonin, thc, cbd, I have tried absolutely everything and this is the ONLY thing that's ever worked for me. This is the ONLY product that's helped me sleep and more importantly, through the hight. BioProPM is an absolute game change.
"Works super fast"
The biggest difference I noticed after taking BioProPM was how I felt in the morning. I have neverstruggled with falling asleep and staying asleep but after 4-5 days taking BioProPM I noticed that I wake up feeling much fresher and less groggy.
Inside the box

What's in BioPro+PM?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know BioProPM is working?

Typical results have users feeling the effects of BioProPM the very first night they use it. For some its within the first 72 hours. For best results, use a sleep tracking app or wearable for accurate before and after metrics to quantify results.

Do I need to a prescription?

No, technically BioPro CortiSleep PM is OTC-Over the counter. It has been trusted as a phenomenal alternative to prescription sleep drugs by physicians for over 10 years and is routinely sold, and provided, in medical clinics. However, you DO NOT need a prescription from a physician for BioPro CortiSleep PM. It is 100% all natural and safe for everyday use.

Is BioProPM habit forming like other sleep drugs?

No, BioProPM is NOT habit forming like other sleep drugs. You can take BioProPM consistently for incredible sleep every night without worry.

What is the best way to track my results with BioProPM?

There are a lot of different sleep apps and wearable devices individuals use to track their sleep. What is most important is that you focus on tracking your SWS-Slow wave Sleep (deep sleep) and your REM-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. Where other sleep drugs and products make you drowsy to help put you to sleep without potentially actually improving sleep, BioProPM supports increasing the time you spend in the most important parts of your sleep cycles while also supporting increases in sleep efficiency.

I work odd hours and have inconsistent sleep schedules. Can I still benefit from BioProPM?

Yes, absolutely. For many users that work night shifts, travel abroad, or have odd sleep schedules, BioProPM has been an absolute “game changer” for them, helping achieve better, more efficient sleep, in less time.

Can BioProPM be used with other BioPro products?

100% Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. The best combo for supporting Regenerative and Restorative health is pairing BioProPM with BioPro+ for a complete AM and PM unstoppable routine.

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