An Introduction to Velvet Antler

elvet antler has been used for over two thousand years in ancient Eastern medicine and is only second to ginseng in importance for the mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine. It is one of the world’s oldest raw super foods because of its nutritional density and lack of caloric impact. Velvet antler has uses ranging from safe anti-aging solutions to enhancing the performance of the most elite athletes. Thousands of papers have been published on the manufacture, composition and biochemical effects of velvet antler and its constituents. This research has consistently revealed a host of health benefits.

Velvet antler provides a more extensive collection of nutritional components than any other single source used to provide raw materials for dietary supplements. The biochemical matrix found in the live, growing velvet antler contains a complete range of beneficial growth factors, saturated fatty acid molecules, phospholipids, minerals, glycosaminoglycans, extracellular matrix components and the complete array of amino acids.

Why Antlers?

Antlers are the only mammalian appendages capable of continuous regeneration. Antlers grow at a rate of one inch or more per day, representing the fastest rate of organ growth in the animal kingdom. Antlers can reach over six feet in diameter and weigh several hundred pounds. Antlers transform each year from cartilage to a state of calcification before naturally falling off and regenerating. During the cartilaginous state these antler are harvested procured in to our proprietary raw material. The antlers in this state are nutrient rich in IGF-1, growth factors and other protein based structures.