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The Dangers of a Negative Feedback Loop and Bio-Identical Hormones

Paul Morave 2012-10-15 14:30:14

Bio-identical hormones are the latest rage within the anti-aging community. With the celebrity backing of Suzanne Summers and Dr. Oz among others, more and more consumers are turning to bio-identical hormones to combat the negative effects of aging. While patients are experiencing some benefits, these treatments are often being misrepresented as causing no side effects and consequences. Bio-identical hormones are created from sweet potatoes and other starchy foods in compound pharmacies. No governmental regulation exists for bio-identical hormones, meaning there are no quality standards and therefore no guarantee that you are getting what you pay for and the products and dosages are consistent. Because research on long-term bio-identical hormone therapy is lacking, these therapies can potentially have devastating side effects on the body and be no better than synthetics. While these are reasons for concern, the main problem lies in the creation of a negative feedback loop. When your body is not producing enough of a certain hormone such as testosterone, and you begin supplementing with synthetics or bio-identical hormones to offset that deficiency, your body will begin to recognize that it does not need to keep producing that hormone. Our bodies strive to operate as efficiently as possible, and hormone production will slow and can even shut down completely. Once production stops, the body becomes completely dependent on higher and higher hormone dosages. Less natural production and higher supplementation requirements create the negative feedback loop. Though this seems discouraging, there are all natural products that do not create a negative feedback loop. Velvet Antler Extract and Sub L Tropin are two such products created by BioProtein Technology Inc. These formulas are not secretagogues or precursors and work to stimulate your glands and trigger the body to begin producing the hormones you need instead of turning off the production of them. VAE and Sub L Tropin contain IGF-I, the master growth factor for every cell in the body as well as 17 other growth factors in a balanced matrix. These products cannot create dependency like the other options can on the market today. Velvet antler products have been used for hormone therapies for over 2,000 years and offer a safe, effective, and less expensive treatment without the consequences of synthetics. Ask your doctor for more information about these superior hormone balancing products and to find out if you are a candidate for Sub L Tropin or VAE.